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We are a medium size firm of registered auditors. Our main services include accounting, auditing, tax and consultancy services. We have been established in Cyprus for many years (since 1994) and we are in a position and we have the knowhow and manpower to serve all clients requiring our services from very small family owned businesses to major international groups.



Audit Services

All companies registered in Cyprus are required by Law to prepare audited financial statements that are based on International Financial Reporting Standards. We undertake the preparation of these financial statements as well as separate and consolidated financial statements of holding companies where needed.

Payroll services

Through our local payroll software we undertake the preparation of the payroll from small to large size companies. This includes the registration and deregistration of employees to the Social Insurance Department and the Tax department, computing the relevant contributions and PAYE amounts that need to be made.


Our firm can undertake to prepare the bookkeeping for any client by entering the client’s transactions on our computerized bookkeeping software programme. Additionally we can prepare management accounts and financial statements annually but also at intervals requested by clients.

Tax services

We provide full tax services that are related to both Companies and Individuals in Cyprus. This includes the registration and the deregistration to the tax authorities as well as arranging for the yearly submission of the required tax forms and completing and submitting any other tax forms that are required from time to time by each tax payer in Cyprus.

VAT registration

We can undertake the registration of the company with the VAT department and the preparation of quarterly or annual VAT declaration forms as well as monthly declarations of VIES and Intrastat VAT forms where required.

Management Consulting

We undertake the preparation of feasibility studies, budgets and cash flow statements. We also can provide services relating to mergers and acquisitions, review and report on internal control systems and also prepare due diligent reports where needed.

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Managing Director:

Athos Kakofengitis BSc (Hons), Econ., FCA
e-mail: info@kakofengitis.eu


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